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Hurom Juicer


I have been juicing for approximately about two months now, and I absolutely love the way I feel, and I’ve lost 9lbs to boot. Juicing has opened new avenues, like farmers markets.  Farmers market, are much more economical to shop at than your local grocery store, and not only do they have produce but, local food  as well. If you haven’t been to your local farmers market…go! You will not believe the different and amount of food, services, clothing, flowers, and organic produce that is for sale. I love the idea of supporting local vendors and keeping the money in our state.  It just doesn’t get better than that.

In order to juice…you need to have a juicer.  I had purchased a juicer from Target over 2yrs ago, and when I started juicing I put it to use at least two times a day, and that was if my husband was not using it. Well, we killed that juicer, it was way to much work for the quality of machine that I had purchased. I gave my husband the responsibility of researching the next juicer we purchased. This is what I told him I wanted…I wanted a juicer that wasn’t as noisy as the one I owned, would produce more juice,  I could have the pulp, and easier to clean. He ordered a Hurom. I just have to let you know that this machine is incredible. It doesn’t produce half the noise, the same amount of vegetables I used to get two cups now, I get three, the mfg. of the Hurom produced brushes that make this machine so easy to clean, and if I want pulp I can have it. I actually decreased the amount of produce I buy because this machine produces more juice.

Hurom actually stands behind their product. In the first week we got it I tried frozen fruit, and bent the blade. I contacted the company and they sent me a new blade, along with a reminder card advising me that you CANNOT juice frozen fruit unless, its been out of the freezer for a bit.  The juicer is a little slower but, I’m OK with slower since it produces more juice and less waste. And speaking of waste…I started composting, and thats a entirely different topic.



I have worked in retail for a majority of my life. So, when I listened to the audio by Tony Rush “The customer is not always right” I got really excited, I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.  Most of us who have worked in the retail industry were selling a service. The services we sold was customizable to our clients, it was something they wanted. Whereas the Empower Network products help us to attain  our dreams.  The products are teaching us about leadership which is the most valuable commodity on the market.

Tony believes that leadership is something everybody is capable of, it really depends on whether you believe in yourself or not. We all have the  potential to be the most powerful version of ourselves, and you are capable of more than you are being. When we exhibit these qualities of a leader and know where we are going is when we acquire followers. Surround yourself with the people you aspire to be. Because you are worth it!



As if you hadn’t noticed I am a big advocate of what you put in your mouth.  It all started in June of 2010 when I lost my sister to cancer, it was a pivotal time in my life, the stress from this loss, the partying mode I was in, and poor diet choices, put me in a downward spiral. My daughters were both out of the house giving my husband and I a new found freedom, and we were partying like rock stars, staying out all hours of the night, I was getting a lot less than 8hrs sleep at night, and my diet wasn’t very good either .

I was eating good food but, not the right ones.  I was beginning to be continually sick with a  sore throat, the lymph nodes in my neck were always swollen, I sounded really nasally, and I had this continuous amount of phlegm that I just couldn’t get rid of. I was calling out sick so much that my boss came and told me that if I didn’t figure out what was going on with my health that I was going to have to find a new job.

At this point I had been to my Doctor multiple times taken every antibiotic (ABX) on the market numerous times, and wasn’t getting anywhere. I kept asking her “what is causing these symptoms?” and “why now?” she never had an answer for me just more perscriptions. She eventually sent me to an ENT (ears, nose, and throat Dr.) and he finally told me I had chronic sinusitis, again I asked “why now?” he had no answer, and put me on twice a 21day of course of (ABX) and a 10 day course of steroids. After the 2nd course and really not feeling 100% I was really giving up on western medicine. I went and seen him one last time, he looked in the back of my throat and told me he really needed to scope my nose, once he did he told me that the back of my throat looked so abnormal he couldn’t tell me whether it was swollen from post nasal drip or there was abnormal tissue. He needed to biopsy, and because of where it was I was going to need to be put under. I was called a few days later, and told it was benign, and to contact the Dr. because he wanted to see me.

Once I received the phone call from the ENT related to the biopsy results I decided not to pursue the western medicine method since it hadn’t done a damn thing for me. I started seeing an accupuncturist in November of 2012. He gave me a list of diet recommendations, gave me herbal medication, and accupuncture. I followed the diet recommendations to the letter; no sugar, no dairy, no processed meat, no cereal, no caffeine, no sugar substitutes. I went and seen Jung twice a week, after the 1st month I felt so incredible. I was mad at myself that I hadn’t done it earlier. I find it amazing that my insurance company paid over $17,000 for the biopsy alone but, will not pay for me to go to a accupuncuturist. The irony of that it cost me a little over $1,oo0 to remedy the problem.


Did you know that your immune system begins in you gut? Yes, right in the place that the majority of Americans put food stuff that should never go in their mouth to begin with. Food products such as; sugar, red meat, coffee, peanuts, dairy, pizza, processed food, hot dogs, soda, white bread, rice, and flour. It is no wonder why we are sick as we are today. Our bodies were never meant to process this stuff, let alone make body parts out of it.Our bodies cannot fight the forces of evil (the foreign bodies) if we are not supplying it with the correct nutrients that it needs like; vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds, fermented foods, and unprocessed meats.   So, if you are wondering why you can not get rid of that summer cold, or the phlegm build up never goes away, look what on your plate…it’s definetly a clue. The caveman didn’t it Twinkies and soda, and neither should you.

We were originally hunter and gatherers, following the food supply wherever it would lead us to which in turn kept us active, which is a far cry from what America is today. There were no overweight people back then they had to run after their food if they wanted to eat not run to the local grocery store.

I hear from people all the time “but, it taste good.” Of course it does, do you think that the manufacturers are going to make it taste bad. Carbohydrates only do one thing for you and that is make you want to eat more. No wonder Lays logo is “You can’t only eat just one.” And honestly folks, if I can’t pronounce the word on the ingredient label, I’m surely not going to put it in my mouth. You just have to wonder “Where the hell did that come from?” Most likely a test-tube.

Don’t think for one minute if it says low-fat or sugar-free it is good for you. It is most likely more dangerous. If it says low-fat the majority of the time they have replaced the fat with sugar, and sugar my friends is like heroin, except that it is cheaper and takes longer to kill you. Sugar-free is not good either due to the chemicals that they are using to replace the sugar. Did you know that Diet Coke has Caffeine + Aspartame these 2 combined produce wood alcohol in your body, and can pass the blood brain barrier, which means it can accumulate in your brain, and that’s not good. And you’re going, huh? Yes, that stuff is deadly, have you drank a bottle of wood alcohol lately it clearly states it on the label “not for human consumption.”

The hardest things to change sometimes are the things that we can control such as; our eating habits, smoking (oh, don’t get me started), and our alcohol consumption. You can make the changes, you are worth it. You don’t have to make all the changes at once but, you do need to start…your quality of life is depending on it.




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